QSTAR Acrylic Fiber Lace Anti Slip Footcover Socks

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QSTAR Acrylic Fiber Lace Anti Slip Footcover Socks

SizeFree size
ColourBlack, Nude, Navy Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Bean Paste
Bundle12pairs in a bundle

Description :

The QSTAR Acrylic Fiber Lace Anti-Slip Footcover Socks are a delightful combination of style and functionality. These footcover socks are crafted from acrylic fiber, offering a soft and comfortable feel while maintaining durability.

Available in a palette of seven beautiful colors, you can effortlessly coordinate these footcover socks with your attire. The “free size” design ensures a comfortable fit for various shoe sizes.

Furthermore, these footcover socks incorporate an anti-slip feature, providing security and stability when worn with different types of footwear.

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