QSTAR Performance Functional Mesh Sport Socks

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QSTAR Performance Functional Mesh Sport Socks

SizeFree Size
ColourBlack, White and Grey
MaterialPolyester and Spandex
Bundle12 pairs in a bundle

Description :

The Performance Function Sport Socks are a versatile and practical choice for active individuals. Available in classic black, grey, and white colors, these socks are designed to meet the demands of various sports and physical activities.

A notable feature of these socks is their mesh design, strategically integrated to enhance breathability. The mesh panels offer improved ventilation, keeping your feet cool and comfortable even during intense workouts. This design promotes moisture-wicking, ensuring that your feet remain dry and free from discomfort.

The Performance Function Sport Socks are tailored for high-performance functionality, making them suitable for a range of sports, including running, gym workouts, and outdoor activities. Their color options provide versatile pairing with your sportswear, while the breathable mesh design elevates your comfort and performance.



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